Belterra masthead.

“Cohousing is attractive because it meets a practical need for a rich social environment close to home while satisfying a deeper need to be a global citizen.”

The People of Belterra Cohousing
Belterra members have been attracted to the idea of creating a neighbourhood that is affordable as well as socially and environmentally responsible. We are a multigenerational community, whose members bring a rich array of life experiences. Households consist of singles, couples, families with children — and pets. We manage ourselves and make decisions together for the good of the larger group. As neighbours, we will respect each other’s needs for autonomy as well as our desires for social interaction and interdependence.

Photo of Stephanie & Roger

Stephanie Legg & Roger McGillivray
Back in ‘76, when “disco fever” ruled and the Bowen Island Legion was the only show in town, Roger was already a regular, groovin’ till closing time and spending the next day recuperating by the woodstove with the latest “Harrowsmith”. Stephanie and her three girls arrived just before the big storm of ’89 and it wasn’t long before she and Roger found each other. Now they’re groovin’ till closing time together.

With five kids between them, the years passed by in a frenzied, joyful blur. Ballet and baseball, Girl Guides and graduation. And later, weddings and grandkids, challenges and rewards. Muddy footprints became carbon footprints and now when the Kids visit they bring adult friends and spouses, smart phones, hot cars and Grandkids. The joy continues.

Stephanie and Roger both love to read … the only thing Stephanie likes better is to talk to Roger while he is reading. Long motorcycle trips, exploring Bowen with the dogs, working outdoors, listening to blues and laughing are a few of their favourite things.

Photo of Steve & Mary Ann

Steve Barker and Mary Ann Persoon
Steve and Mary Ann have been married for 36 years. They have raised two adult sons and enjoy a large extended family that lives in the lower mainland.

Mary Ann is a teacher in an inner-city school and intends to commute daily when she moves to Bowen. She is hoping that between carpools, transit and her bike, she will enjoy the transition from noisy, busy downtown to the peace and quiet of her new community. She loves gardening, reading, writing and is a fanatic soccer fan; following the ups and downs of Arsenal fc and is a Whitecaps season ticket holder.

Steve is an individual and family therapist. He also supervises a counseling clinic and has a private practice in North Vancouver. He has been involved in supporting social services for the Hispanic community. Steve grew up in South America and moved to Vancouver in grade eight. He appreciates the west coast and rain forest. He kayaks, plays squash and tennis and likes to read.

Steve and Mary Ann are looking forward to being part of a community that values cooperation and commitment to creating a safe and stimulating environment along with home ownership.

Photo of Cindy

Cindy Leitner
Cindy is an immigrant from Oregon. She loves the quiet, rural life on Bowen, and enjoys living with folks who have similar values about sustainability and community.

A former public school Reading Specialist and religious education consultant for the continental Unitarian Universalist church, she enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and canoeing. She loves traveling and photography; playing squash; reading; folksinging (limited guitar playing) and singing in choirs; movies; growing, cooking and eating homegrown vegetables; and writing and editing. She has been involved in many social justice issues and has worked for non-profit peace and advocacy organizations.

She has two adult children and is really enjoying her grandchildren! Her husband Allan really loves the concept of cohousing. Together they enjoy their blended family (total five children, two grown grandchildren, and four little grandchildren) and their common interests in retired life.

Photo of Jane

Jane Kane
I moved to Bowen over 2 years ago, to further ground the Belterra vision. I love the natural environment, and daily ocean commute to work, in the company of whales and dolphins occasionally. Sustainable community has been my involvement for over 3 decades and I look forward to the physical manifestation of the beautiful plans we’ve got in place, as well as living in closer proximity to the already created circle of Belterrans I enjoy working and playing with.

I bring a wealth of community experience, as my two grown children will attest to, having been raised by a village throughout their tender years. Hopefully they will visit often from their distant homes, and bring grandchildren to reclaim their Canuck heritage. My interests and varied experience include organic deerproof gardening (biodynamic and permaculture), delicious healthy cooking for large groups, ancient hula, a love of the ocean as a mermaid, my background as a professional artist and current profession as a Jungian art psychotherapist. My oldest friends know my colourful optimistic life experiences to be my greatest asset, and though others are urged to “read the book” it is so far unwritten, but in process. Community, to me, represents connection, creativity, synergistic experience, collaboration, love, joy and exciting intergenerational interactions. I can’t wait to actually be on the land and together living our dream in reality.

Photo of Diana Thompson.

Diana Thompson
I'm proud to be part of this community. So much of what we are doing resonates with my pioneering spirit. Our members are productive, talented, resourceful people coming from a variety of rich backgrounds. I am excited about the synergy that can occur within the group. The good will, eco-friendly values and cooperative spirit of Belterrans is refreshing. We have already developed strong friendships and enjoy savoring good food and fun with soon-to-be neighbours.

I currently live in North Vancouver and have worked in libraries for most of my life, where I honed a variety of practical, creative and technical skills. For the past 17+ years I have been doing graphic design and currently work for a local college. I look forward to being on Bowen Island full-time, making the transition to home-based freelance work, getting to know more of the interesting and creative folks of the larger Bowen Island Community and discovering all of Bowen's special places.

Having easy access to a city while being worlds away on an island is an ideal lifestyle in my mind. Being close to nature is important to me. I enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, an occasional paddle in a kayak, wildlife observation, as well as yoga, painting, design, gardening reading and writing. I can't wait to be settled in my Belterra home, looking across to the north shore mountains and a few meters from my door, have access to a trail that can take me across the island.

Photo of Loren

Loren Schein

Photo of Paul Tennant

Paul Tennant
During decades of living and working in Vancouver City, I saw Bowen Island many times — without noticing it. Viewed across the water from the City, the Island’s forested slopes blend into the mountains on the far side of Howe Sound. Even today, not many Vancouverites know of Bowen. Like many other sea-dwellers, the Island disguises itself from prying eyes.

My own voyage of discovery came in 1998. Captivated by the Island’s unspoiled beauty and the charm of Snug Cove village, I knew I had found my own true home. I soon bought property on Bowen, and moved over in 2002. The commute to UBC, where I taught government and studied politics, proved simple, even enjoyable. The 15-minute ferry ride was the ideal buffer between big city and Island community.

On Bowen, and now retired, I’m on the board of directors of Island Pacific School (located right next to Belterra) and on the executives of BIRD (Bowen Island Recycling Depot) and of OneBowen (the municipal political organization). I’m a past member of the Island’s Advisory Planning Commission, where I first learned of Belterra, and where I came to know and respect fellow member Roger McGillivray.

I have 4 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law, 6 grandchildren, and 3 step-grandchildren. Aside from Belterra, my interests are woodworking, gardening, kayaking, grandfathering, and spending time at the family’s cabin on Gun Lake, two hours north of Whistler.

Photo of Dan and Lyne.

Lyne Brindamour & Dan Kemlo
We have been working very hard in our respective careers and have been living in the city for a long time. We now want to be closer to nature in a smaller community. We also want to play more. We both like open water swimming, biking, and hiking.

We are excited about choosing Belterra and being with neighbors who know and interact with each other for the best interest of their community. What a wonderful new community to plan for and be part of.

Photo of Rebecca and Matthew.

Rebecca & Matthew van der Giessen
Our attraction to Belterra wouldn't come as a surprise to those who know us; the theme of community has been woven through our identity as a couple. We met on a short-lived community experiment in Northern Ontario. A few years later, we had moved to Edmonton with our four young children (and a dog!) and stumbled upon Waldorf schooling. Again, the attraction was not just of an educational approach that resonated with our values but to a community of like minded families, many of us who had moved into the neighbourhood around the school. We felt as if our identity and values as a family were nurtured as much by the other young families as by the education our children were getting in the school. These formative experiences have also strongly influenced our now adult children. Each one of them has become involved in some form of community networking in fields such as midwifery, community activism, environmentalism and health. We watch them pass those values on, in turn, to their children

Our discovery of cohousing has been a natural continuation of our positive experiences of loose-knit community built around shared values. We have felt drawn to the the community design process which has put so much influence on family and children. And we have appreciated the openness to the individuality of others with a commitment to creating a space that nurtures the best of our dreams for what community could be.

Rebecca is a social worker. Matthew is a somatic practitioner and educator working with touch, breath and movement approaches to embodiment and healing. They live - for the moment - in Edmonton, Alberta.

Photo of Kat and Cam Hayduk.

Kat and Cam Hayduk
Kat and Cam have lived on Bowen Island since 2004 with their son, Sam. They love the sense of community and access to the great outdoors that Bowen offers. They run Turtlebox Productions (, producing short videos for non-profits and foundations, as well as tons of educational entertainment for kids.

They are both very active volunteers on the island and are involved in a variety of community groups.

Cam grew up in Calgary, Alberta and spent over 20 years as a cameraman in the Vancouver film industry before starting Turtlebox. He enjoys kayaking, playing guitar and mandolin, reading, hiking and really obscure movies. Kat is originally from upstate New York. She worked in feature animation in California and video game production in Vancouver before starting Turtlebox. She likes hiking, reading, listening to NPR and watching Mad Men.

Sam is into science, music, and spending time outdoors.

They are all thrilled to be part of Belterra and their lives have benefited immeasurably by downsizing their footprint and upsizing their community.

Photo of

Rose-Marie Marsolais
I was born into a small French community in Coquitlam where the spirit of sharing, exchange and giving was imprinted on my thinking and values. I prefer the quiet more rural life that living on Bowen offers, as well as the proximity to the lower mainland and its resources. Belterra offers the outdoors as a daily pleasure and the playground to my physical activities: biking, paddling, hiking, reading, and much music whether listening alone or immersed in the group chaos. I have passion and commitment to adventure and the goal of world travel. I am looking forward to gardening, cooking, eating, and building environments conducive to creative thought, furniture building, restoration and design in this community.

The following quote captures my life philosophy and feeling for the cohousing lifestyle. Balance comes from knowing where your center is. Apply your values to every decision you make and you'll truly be centered. I have dedicated my life to learning in whichever medium and way it is presented and look forward to this new learning.

I am mother to Nat (Chad) and Ben (Joanna) and grandmother (meme) to Sophie, John, Alice and Carmen and can see this experience as lovingly affecting our lives. I have spent the last thirty eight years in a career dedicated to change and best practice. I look forward to continuing to work while being part of this inventive community.

Photo of Susan Swift & Brent O’Malley.

Susan Swift & Brent O’Malley
We had been exploring the idea of living in an ‘intentional community’ for some time when we found ourselves at Belterra’s doorstep. Our interest in cohousing was propelled by a desire to make changes – to move from competition to co-operation, from a life of extraction to one of sustainability, from a focus on individual needs and desires to what is best for the whole community. The Belterra video says it succinctly: “We are downsizing our house and upsizing our community.”

Currently, we live in northern California where Susan has been most of her life and Brent for the past 25 years. The natural beauty of Bowen Island, and more importantly, the people we met who were already engaged in the Belterra project, instantly captivated us. And for Brent, who was born on Vancouver Island, it’s a welcome homecoming.

Susan is a recently certified “master gardener” and is eagerly looking forward to working in Belterra’s gardens. Brent has experience cooking for groups and can hardly wait to whip up an array of salsas to spice up our shared meals in the Common House.

Both of us are thrilled to be moving to Belterra and re-orienting our lives to be more collaborative and more balanced. We’re bringing with us a cat named Biko, scuba gear, skis, bicycles, a canoe and too many books. (Is there such a thing as too many books? Is that a rhetorical question, or maybe it’s time for a Bowen Island library card and an electronic reader?)

Photo of Doug and Brandie.

Doug & Brandie
We moved to Bowen island five months ago to immerse ourselves in the island life before we move into Belterra. We are loving being surrounded by water, beaches, hiking trails, deer, hummingbirds and nature. Since moving here from Vancouver we are driving slower and exercising more. Although we don't have any children yet, we are moving to Belterra so we can raise a family with support. Brandie just started working at Bowen Island Community School as a Special Education Assistant and Doug commutes to Burnaby to work at a large video game company.

In our spare time we love to play music. Doug plays guitar in a band on Bowen island and Brandie sings in an all female a capella group in Vancouver. We are both very excited to use the workshop, green house and gardens at Belterra and we love the idea of eventually keeping bees and chickens there too. This island has all the benefits of a small caring community and it's close enough to Vancouver that we can still go to movie theaters, restaurants and concerts if we like.

Photo of

Tess Taylor
I was looking for a job and new beginnings when I left Vancouver and landed on Bowen Island in1989. During the summer time I would staff remote fishing resorts and always thought that I would move away when the next job was done. But Bowen felt more and more like home and, after five years, I was here to stay.

Until recently, I made my living setting up camps and cooking for mining exploration teams all over Canada’s arctic. I lived in tents heated by diesel stoves and got around in helicopters and 4-wheel ATVs. Now I enjoy working for Bowen Island Municipality in a couple of departments.

As one of the original “associate members’ of Belterra, I look forward to owning my first home. I get to stay on the island where I enjoy walking, swimming and being outdoors, and I will be living with a community of people I consider family.

I can picture myself working in the garden (I am not very good at it, but keep trying) and cooking for the group. Maybe I will lead a Qi Gong class in the multi-purpose room. And, of course, I will continue sheeping!

Photo of Mike and Sarah.

Mike Trevillion & Sarah Godfrey
We look forward to this new adventure – living on Bowen Island in a cohousing community. As parents of two daughters, Ani and Una, we are entering the final (19th) year at the Vancouver Waldorf School. With the girls gradually leaving the nest, we feel fortunate about spending time with them on Bowen in this vibrant community.

Mike and Sarah met while both working at the Vancouver Art Gallery – where Mike currently works, recently celebrating his 30th year. Sarah stumbled upon the path of yoga while backpacking through India in 1982 and has traversed the terrain ever since, eventually becoming a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and co-directing the Yoga Moves studio.

Although modest by nature, Mike can boast loudly about his beautiful oil paintings (see the much neglected which grace the walls of many homes as well as the Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, California. Besides his artwork, you’ll find him belting out some tunes or strumming away on his guitar. Neighbor alert! Mike is also taking up the clarinet again…

Some of their interests include – reading & listening to CBC with a good cup of coffee; vegetarian cooking, homeopathy & enlivening conversations… They have a strong affinity for island life and its magic.

Photo of Katy Michener.

Katy Michener
I immigrated to Bowen in 1986, my big move into independence. I moved from Horseshoe Bay. I chose Bowen so I could walk to my job at Texaco. A girlfriend and I moved into the summer house, which is now beside Doc’s. Legion membership was mandatory. It meant you were staying. We knew our neighbours and didn’t need to lock the door. I immediately signed up for volleyball and slow pitch baseball. Before I knew it I had a network of friends because of the commute and sports.

Since then I have worked at the Bowen building center, Leigh auto when it was in the center of town, the pub and the kennel. I now work for Vancouver Coastal Health, doing home support for my community - keeping the people of my community in their homes as long as possible. My son plays ball and is attending BCIT to become one of our local water taxi drivers.

I think we are part of Bowen’s fabric and would like to stay in a permanent affordable housing unit of our own. Belterra is ideal. An eco-friendly community within our heritage community – a place I can grow grandbabies, tend gardens of earthly and humanly kind. I am looking forward to companionship when needed and solitude when not, dining with others, working with other for the good of the whole.

I also hope to be watching many more ball games.

Photo of Joyce Cameron

Joyce Cameron
I’m looking forward to life on Bowen Island and being part of the Belterra community. I’ve been living in Cranberry Commons Cohousing Community in North Burnaby since “move-in” almost 12 years ago and was involved in the development phase for two years before that. I’ve found cohousing to be a rewarding way to live. The Cranberry Commons Common House really has become our community kitchen and living room. It’s also been a space to welcome the wider community for events ranging from dream workshops to fruit canning to fund raising, valuable ways to share what we as cohousers have created.

I was an instructor for many (make that many, many) years at Douglas College in New Westminster and Coquitlam. For most of that time I taught adult literacy, but I also spent five years co-ordinating our instructional area (lots of responsibility, no power) and providing academic support in the college’s learning centres. I retired from the college about 5 years ago, but sometimes do contract work. I also work as a freelance editor. Substantive editing and clear language are my areas of primary interest.

But I’m way more interested in being retired than I am in working. Since retiring I’ve become involved in and passionate about issues of food security, and I volunteer with a group called Burnaby Food First. I’m a novice vegetable gardener and am really keen to learn from the Belterra folks who have gardening experience. I do a lot of canning and drying, so the idea of an outdoor kitchen is really appealing.

I have a son and a daughter -- both adults now -- a lovely daughter in-law, and a baby grandson. They all live in Vancouver and plan on remaining there, so I’m hoping they’ll be frequent visitors to Belterra.

Photo of Chris Farah.

Chris Farah
In 1968, I moved to Canada from Philadelphia, USA with my husband David (now "ex", but on very good terms). How lucky we were to move to this beautiful, multicultural country.

Seven cities later, David and I found ourselves blessed with Georgina and Deidre. They are now both living on Bowen Island with their respective families. Of course, family celebrations are frequent with the grandchildren keeping us laughing.

I have worked as a practical nurse and aide for over 15 years. I have also volunteered for Hospice which was fulfilling but I found my passion and joy in hiking and kayaking. Much like my youth, I spent my winters as a ski instructor, but this time for the disabled - 20 years on Mount Washington.

I have lived on Denman Island for three years and then I moved to Courtenay and owned a sheep farm for six years. I developed great respect for farming practices that were kind to animals. I now live in Deep Bay, Bowser which is a sleepy little fishing community across from Denman Island. I have a beautiful, but slightly large garden and look forward to creating something new and special at Belterra.

So although I sound like a gypsy, I can only emphasize how delighted I feel to become a part of Belterra.

Photo of

Jack & Soorya Ray Resels
Throughout our 44 years together, we've lived half that time in a variety of community situations.

From living with our best friends in a house we shared in Montreal that neither couple could afford alone,
       … to time on a kibbutz in Israel exploring shared rural community life,
                … to living in a meditation community — each in our individual dwellings in the Himalayas in India,
we've sampled a variety of cooperative community settings.

12 years ago we moved to Vancouver. Recently we've been wondering about living once again in community — in a natural and alive setting with talented and resourceful folks. Little did we know that what we were looking for was Belterra. Close friends of ours introduced us and we discovered the concept of co-housing. It took just a month of active inquiry and of meetings to determine that Belterra and its members are for us.

We've been and continue to be teachers, relationship coaches and mentors in the areas of meditation, self-inquiry and conscious relationships. In addition, Jack has been an entrepreneur owning several successful businesses.

We love facilitating group work and coaching individuals and couples in the necessary practices that support conscious living and loving. By entering into Belterra we have the opportunity to fully participate and practice embodying the values we cherish most.

We hold dear a lifestyle of simple wholesome living and inspired thinking, openness to learning, the natural outdoors, dancing, singing, chanting universal mantras, making music and evolving community.

We're delighted to be part of this exciting and promising co-creation.

Photo of Fae Logie.

Fae Logie
I am a visual artist whose work stems from issues and concerns relating to our environment and, in turn, an enquiry into an attachment to place. Coming to live at Belterra, I leave a long-time association of seasonal and then part-time work with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, as well as other science related jobs.

Initially studying biology, I have used this background for more steady income than art usually provides, doing everything from tagging groundfish, to working as a Park Warden at Robson Bight, to selling and repairing microscopes, to collecting and inputting way too much fish data. But the biology also informs my art practice, being a continuum to my relationship to the landscape and experiences.

Having lived and worked in many locations on or near the ocean, Bowen seems a logical choice; still close enough to ties in Greater Vancouver but a ways away too. When I first decided to up root, I envisioned finding at least five acres of forest and a view somewhere on an island. To have found this and realize it comes with a vibrant community of like-minded people has made all the difference. For me, it is a time of blurring the boundaries between losing and finding place, as I step from the house I was brought up in and associated with all my life, towards new possibilities.

Photo of the Lanphear family.

The Lanphears
Bruce and Nancy Lanphear joined the Belterra cohousing community in January 2014. We moved to Canada in 2008 from the States and have been married for over 25 years. We became interested in cohousing over the past 20 years during our frequent visits to Songaia, a cohousing community in the Seattle area that was co-founded by Bruce’s parents, Nancy and Fred.

Nancy is a developmental behavioral pediatrician working at BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre. She oversees the diagnostic and inpatient programs in BC for children who have developmental conditions. Bruce is a professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. He studies how environmental hazards, like lead and pesticides, impact children’s health. His goal is to prevent children from developing learning and behavioral problems and to put Nancy out of work.

We have three daughters, Rachel, Ella and Martha (REM). Rachel, who is 23, will be getting certification in early childhood education from Langara this summer. Ella, who is 17, will graduate from Vancouver Waldorf School this summer and head to Queens University in the fall. Martha, who is 16, will be in Grade 10 at Waldorf. We also have Rosie, the three-legged wonder dog, and two cats. (We counted the number of legs amongst them and reckoned we still have three too many.)

We enjoy cooking (Nancy is the chef, Bruce is the sous chef), reading, hiking, kayaking and lichen photography (Bruce). We are excited about experimenting with sustainable living on an island surrounded by community, ocean, mountains, forest, and lichen-covered rocks. We will maintain a house in Vancouver until our daughters are launched.

Photo of Janet Lee.

Janet Lee
I was born of Chinese parents in Hong Kong before the Second World War. My father was a great believer in education and sent me to England to study Architecture after high school. I graduated, got married, and had two children there.

In a summer visit in 1973, my family fell in love with Vancouver. We experienced the crisp open air, wooded green mountains capped in snow, and friendly, casual Canadians. The sun shone for us for one and a-half months non-stop. I, especially, was thrilled by the opportunities women enjoyed here in education and sports. We immigrated in the fall of 1974 when it rained for one and a half months non-stop!

We settled down in North Vancouver where I returned to study at Capilano College. But, my husband longed for his Singaporean-Chinese culture. Eventually he returned to Singapore after our divorce. In 1990 I graduated from Emily Carr School of Arts and Design majoring in ceramics.

More recently, I graduated in teacher training in the Feldenkrais Method of body work. I'm moving toward seeing the whole person in body, mind and spirit.

In joining Belterra, I feel privileged to be in this adventure with a group of like-minded people. I am excited to see the community grow, the buildings going up, and anticipate learning vegetable gardening and cooking. My children, and two grandchildren in their twenties in Vancouver, look forward to a site visit.

Photo of the Ramsay family.

Matthew, Mimi & Ronan Ramsay
We have spent 11 out of our last 17 years together living in various intentional communities ranging from a shared group household in Seattle to well-established Zen Centers with up to 80 full time residents.

Having also experienced village life in other countries among intact traditional cultures, we both have a deep appreciation for what it means to raise our now six year old son, Ronan, among a multigenerational community rooted in shared values related to social responsibility, ecological stewardship, and mutual support.

Some of our family's favorite things to do together include gardening, hiking, skiing, kayaking, sailing, beach combing, and dancing.

We've been visiting cohousing communities and ecovillages throughout southwest BC for the past five years, looking for a semi-rural setting where we would have access to forest trails right out our back door and the opportunity to grow our own food.

Such a combination of wild and cultivated nature while living in community is what we've sought for the optimum wellbeing of our whole family and as an expression of how we (collectively) might respond to circumstances in this place and time. So, we are just thrilled to have found Belterra, a beautiful group of people celebrating the beauty of the earth together on this belle-isle called Bowen.

Photo of

The Yamashitas
“When are we moving to Bowen? When are we moving to Bowen? I can’t wait!” says Josie (age 8 1/2) who loves karate, reading, making things with loom bands, art, and is quietly enthusiastic about almost everything.

“No! Nothing! Don’t look at me!” Isaac says while stomping his 5 year old foot. (I sure hope that this is a phase.) When he’s willing to talk, he’ll tell you that he loves lollipops, gummi worms, LEGO, drawing, cantaloupe, and his eagle t-shirt.

“Can I have another 10 minutes?” Nikko (age ‘almost 7’) is referring to his time allowance on the computer. Much to his mother’s dislike, he enjoys playing Angry Birds, Mine Craft, and Plants vs. Zombies. Thankfully, he has other interests like soccer, LEGO, bike riding, books, Star Wars, and playing with his friends.

And husband John? “I’m not looking forward to the commute.”
Carmen (me) replies, “Well, I am looking forward to everything! Building, gardening, making new friends, participating in the community...”
J: “Ok, ok I have some interests too.”
C: “Like?”
J: “Uhhhhh... I like golf, hockey, karate... that’s about it.”
C: “And watching TV.”
J: “What do you want me to say? That I enjoy reading 19th century French literature, song-writing, and appreciate a good Latin poem?”
C: “Sure, Mr. Comedian. Well, I’ll think of something nice to say about you.”

John will be the ‘sacrificial husband and father’ who will be sent to Surrey four out of every eight days a week to work as a constable for the RCMP. He loves spending time with his family and seeing them happy, whether it’s an outdoor adventure, a rousing board game, or even just a trip to the grocery store. I am a teacher-librarian in Vancouver and will continue to commute 3 days a week once we’re on Bowen. And, as I said before, I like to get involved in everything.

“Woof-woof, ruff!” (translation: "Can I come? Can I come? I'll eat that!") Max (age 10) is super excited to be moving to the fresh air and forest of Bowen Island. He loves to eat, play with his orange ball, eat, lie in the middle of wherever the people are, eat, go for walks, eat, roll around on the floor, and eat... He’s a Springer Spaniel-Border Collie with a fear of bike bells, fireworks, and loud bangs.

And that’s pretty much the Yamashitas in a nutshell. We can’t wait to meet all our new friends and neighbours in Belterra and start our new Bowen adventure.